In the next years nearly every industry will be affected by
blockchain technology.

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Adopt blockchain with speed and agility

Corporates are often like large oil tankers: They indolently and steadily head in just one direction. Technology innovations, however, require the ability to adapt to new circumstances quickly - and the pace at which innovations happen has increased dramatically.

Our approach is to enable corporates to adopt blockchain technology with speed and agility. We fully work with agile project management tools, focusing on short iteration cycles and quick results.


Together with block42 your organization will leverage the potential of blockchain within a couple of months. Our team of experienced software developers and business consultants looks forward to prepare your organization for that technological leap.

84% of companies are actively involved with the blockchain technology. Everyone is talking about blockchain, and no one wants to be left behind.

PwC 2018 Global Blockchain Survey

Your blockchain journey

We have designed a process to bring blockchain technology to every organization.

Just five steps are needed to unlock the potential of blockchain. We are based in Graz/Austria and offer our services in German or English.

First Meeting

We'll give you first insights into what blockchain is all about and how it can be embraced at your organization.

Contact us and arrange a first meeting. 


1 day


Blockchain Workshop

During a one day workshop we will introduce you to the basics of blockchain technology and elaborate use cases in the context of your business. At the end of the day you'll have a clear picture which role blockchain will play in your organization.

Concept Phase

Specify selected use cases technically and economically in more detail. As a result we'll provide you a comprehensive basis for decision making on how to proceed.



approx. costs


Proof of Concept (PoC)

Embrace rapid prototyping approaches to create tangible results with the lowest costs and in the shortest time frame. You can expect a first prototype to be built in 1-3 months, with costs of around 10.000 €.

Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

Collect maximized amounts of validated learning by deploying the first version of your product to production. Our full stack development team is capable of creating mobile, web or desktop applications.


Ready to start your own blockchain journey?

Die Blockchain Technologie hat das Potential viele Märkte zu sprengen. Aber wir glauben, dass dadurch neue Geschäftsmodelle entstehen können und werden und es die Chance auf positiven Impact für den Endkunden gibt. In diesem Sinne war die Begleitung und Unterstützung durch block42 aufgrund ihres umfassenden Verständnisses und ihrer Erfahrung in Bezug auf diese Technologie von zentraler Bedeutung.

Mathias Schaffer, Innovation, Energie Steiermark

Start. Blockchain. Now.

Choose your preferred plan to get your hands on blockchain technology.


general blockchain insights

Blockchain Training

90 minutes Blockchain Basics

General Blockchain Use Cases


get additional insights

Blockchain Training

90 minutes Blockchain Basics

General Blockchain Use Cases

Concept Phase

 5x Industry-specific Use Cases


evaluate blockchain for your business

Blockchain Training

90 minutes Blockchain Basics

General Blockchain Use Cases

Blockchain Workshop

 Use Case Discovery

 Evaluate Blockchain for your Business

 Summary of Workshop Results

Concept Phase

 5x Industry-specific Use Cases

✓ 1x Basic Concept (technically and economically) of selected Use Case


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Head over to our reference section to learn more about the projects we carried out and which technologies we are building on.

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