The ICON project is building one of the largest decentralized networks in the world and aims for "Hyperconnecting the World".

About ICON
ICON is a high performance 3rd generation blockchain protocol that supports interoperability. It is one of the largest blockchain networks in the world and connects institutions in major industries like banking, media, healthcare, electronics, insurance and gaming.
Currently more than 100 full time employees are working on the project, making ICON one of the largest teams in the blockchain space. Over the past years ICON has established a large network of partners and has created a few leading initiatives.
Our Contribution
We would like to see communities be freed and fully connected. Our contribution to reach that goal and to support the ICON ecosystem encompasses four major areas.
each ecosystem is only as strong as its community
bridging the gap between real businesses and the blockchain world
building dApps, network services and developer tools
supporting the ecosystem by allocating company funds to it

block42's P-REP application video


  •  Founded the ICON Europe initiative

  • Organizing local events and meetups

  • Cross-Border initiatives to connect the European community

  • Funding of dApps building on ICON


  • Consultation services for corporates and startups

  • Blockchain trainings and workshops

  • Creation of technical concepts


  • Development of decentralized applications and smart contracts

  • Creating applications for the ICON Europe initiative

    • a DAO for a decentral treasury system

    • a voting dApp

  • Created the most simple ICON reward and staking calculator icxstakr.io


  • Invested in ICON's ICO 2017

  • Cyclical investment into the ICX token

  • Execution of workshops and trainings about "Investing in Digital Assets"

  • Support of decentralized ecosystems like ICON, Fantom or Fusion


Michael Taschner


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Christian Lanz

Head of Investments

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Our Motivation
Our motivation to support the ICON network can be grouped into 3 important reasons.
SUCCESS: We are convinced about ICON's success. As we are already part of the network since the ICO, we are still strong believers in the project. We’ve witnessed the commitment of ICON’s community and the amazing progress the team makes. ICON plays no “bullshit bingo”. Instead, real customer needs are addressed by interconnecting blockchain communities.
AWARENESS: An ecosystem is only as strong as its community. A hyperconnected world can only be realized if a certain number of people understand, want and contribute from/to the ecosystem. ICON’s community in the Asian region is already quite strong. In our experience, Europe lags behind. Our promise as a P-Rep: we will change that!
DECENTRALIZATION: ICON’s approach of decentralization brought us to become a P-Rep candidate. The ICON foundation proved their interest in a long lasting success of the ecosystem by giving away power. Power from one institution towards the community. In our opinion, decentralized indirect democracy is the way to go for building a global ecosystem. ICON perfectly designed this approach by following its Delegated Proof of Contribution (DPoC) consensus algorithm.

P-REP Candidate

Check out our application on the official ICON P-Rep candidate list

block42 is committed to contribute to a constructive growth of blockchain technology, because...

  • … we love to see blockchain technology flourish,

  • … we love the idea of decentralization and distribution of power,

  • … we love projects, which contribute to a positive evolution of blockchain technology

and therefore we believe in the ICON ecosystem!

Michael Taschner, CIO, block42


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