Every technological revolution opens up chances for new players in a market. Blockchain will sweep away some old-economy enterprises and boost the rise of startups.


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Mass adaption to game-changing technologies take quite a while. Every additional product or service which is built on blockchain accelerates its rise to a fundamental technology.

We would like to see blockchain technology flourish. Therefore, we offer various services which are specifically designed for startups and blockchain-based ventures.

We are open to discuss how our cooperation could look like. This could be project-based, rewarding us with tokens or building together a joint venture.

The rise of the internet fundamentally changed how we conduct business. With Blockchain we're just at the beginning of another game-changing technologically revolution. Take your chance and be part of one of the most promising innovations of the 21st century.

Lukas Götz, CEO, block42

Smart Contract Development

Our developer team is capable of creating smart contracts based on Ethereum as well as other blockchain frameworks. We can add decentralized business logic to your applications.


Technical Concepts

We’re constantly analyzing various blockchain frameworks and advise you which software stack fits most to your requirements. We design a comprehensive technical architecture for you.

Investors Network

Business Angels, Venture Capital Firms, Family Offices or Crypto-Pools – we’re well connected to various stakeholders all around the world. If you’re looking for investment, we can support you.

Market Research

We’ve got deep insights in a constantly changing blockchain market. If you would like to know which projects are already out there or which use cases are worth to be considered, we will assist you.

Business Model Development

Blockchain-based business models work differently to traditional ones. In the last couple of years we’ve analyzed a lot of them and can support you at developing your own blockchain business.

Software Development

We build entire applications around your blockchain use case. Our full-stack development team creates your mobile, web or desktop applications.


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