Value Investing in Digital Blockchain Assets.

Our objective is to invest into the most promising blockchain networks
while accelerating their growth and adoption.


Paradigm shift

We strongly believe that distributed ledger technology (blockchain) will cause a paradigm shift, bringing much more transparency, efficiency and robustness to the global economy.

In an increasingly digital world and fast evolving knowledge economy, we need to adjust our thinking and priorities regarding where we invest our time and money.

We focus our time on the understanding of why blockchain technology matters, how investors are thinking about digital assets today and what to expect from the future.

47% of institutions believe digital assets have a place in their investment portfolios.


Areas of Interest

We are focusing on areas, where digital assets can create and capture the most value
Decentralized Finance
Infrastructure Protocols

Selected Networks

Some networks where we have a share and where we help to accelerate and grow the ecosystem


Liquidity Network

Thorchain is a multi blockchain liquidity network, provides financial infrastructure and secures digital assets worth over $100M.


Payment Network

Terra is the largest blockchain payment network and offers lower transaction fees, instant settlement and ongoing discounts to over 2 million users.


Financial Plattform

Kava is a financial platform that enables users to lend and borrow digital assets from multiple blockchains via collateralized debt positions.


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