Value Investing in Digital Assets.

Through a combination of economic and technical expertise we analyze and invest into the most promising crypto ecosystems, help them grow and secure their networks.


Paradigm shift

We strongly believe that distributed ledger technology will cause a paradigm shift, bringing much more transparency, efficiency and robustness to the global economy.

In an increasingly digital world and fast evolving knowledge economy, we need to adjust our thinking and priorities regarding where we invest our time and money.

We focus our time on the understanding of why blockchain technology matters, how investors are thinking about digital assets today and what to expect from the future of this space.

47% of institutions believe digital assets have a place in their investment portfolios.



Digital Asset Evaluation Framework by block42

We achieve our ambitious goals by conducting technical due diligences, evaluating feasibility and the chances of crypto networks to succeed and accrue in value. Evaluations are performed with our self-designed framework called DAEF.


Next to the addressable target market it is very important to evaluate if the targeted problem is a real problem.


Can this team fulfil the expectations? Any past success of the core team members.


Is it only a copy of another project? Does the proposed tech make sense? Code quality is very important.


Is there a sufficient demand potential? What are the drivers of the token value?


Is the ecosystem being used? In decentralised ecosystems the community should be an important factor.


It is very important to have a transparent communication style. A continuous development progress is relevant to succeed.

I strongly believe distributed ledger technology will play a key role in the future. Whether it's smart cities or self driving cars, devices need to communicate peer-to-peer, exchange information and value in a trustless manner. Right now is the time to position yourself and participate in those crypto ecosystems. At the moment they still might be very small and in its infancy but they will experience enormous growth during the upcoming years.

Christian Lanz, Managing Partner, block42

Interested in detailed project analysis?

We are performing in-depth due diligences on international blockchain ventures and decentralized ecosystems with our "Digital Asset Evaluation Framework".


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